Digital Garden

Questa pagina è un esperimento di "giardino digitale", un luogo dove raccoglierò esperienze, perloppiù digitali, che potrebbero essermi utili in futuro e chissà, forse potrebbero essere utili anche a voi! I post saranno in ordine cronologico (dal più al meno recente) e saranno scritti prevalentemente in inglese. Se più avanti ne sentirò la necessità, metterò dei filtri per poterli smistare per lingua.

This page is an experiment in a "digital garden," a place where I will collect experiences, mostly digital, that might be useful to me in the future and who knows, maybe they might be useful to you! The posts will be in chronological order (from most to least recent) and will be written mostly in English. If I feel the need for it later, I will put filters so that they can be sorted by language.

Monday, 7th August 2023

If local tunnelling worked before, it should always work.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day trying to figure out why my local tunnelling wasn't working anymore. I did everything I used to do in the past, but nothing seemed to work. Because I am running beta software both on my iPad and on my iPhone, I started thinking that some new firewall setting was interfering: it wasn't.

I also remembered that recently I spent my time tweaking my FastGATE modem settings, and started thinking that I must have changed something that was preventing me from accessing my local server. Spoiler alert: I didn't.

After watching a couple of YouTube tutorials on "how to set up local tunnelling", and realising I was doing exactly what I needed to do, I noticed that one of the tutorials was using a Visual Studio Code addon called Live Server. From the interactions, I remembered that I used to use that addon too, but most recently switched to Microsoft's Live Preview for no particular reason.

Turns out it was a bug on Microsoft's addon, and switching did the trick. Too bad I lost a whole day on this.