Hi, I'm Niccolò Granieri

I'm a lecturer in digital media technology, researcher in music technology and overall tech enthousiast.

Find Me

I lecture at Birmingham City University, and my courses mostly revolve around computer programming, devleloping new interfaces for musical expression and creative coding in general.

I research at the Digital Media Technology lab, in BCU. My research interests stem from my PhD research that focused on the creation of augmented instruments for pianists that were aiming to retain pianistic virtuosity and technical proficiency. From there I decided to branch out to different individual aspects of my research interest: from hand tracking, to UI/UX all the way to computational ethnomusicology.

In my spare time, I am half of Code Shot; a software development team that recently published Elenco.

You also find me on Medium, Instagram, Twitter and GitHub.

Things I've Done

If you're interested in knowing what I'm up to nowadays, you better follow the links in the "Find Me" section of this page. However, in the past I've worked on some cool projects too.

I've collaborated as an open-source contributor, tester and divulgator for ml.lib.

I have developed SpanExtract, a simple tool to parse interview transcriptions according to markers in the text.

During my PhD, I developed Reach; an app used to gather data from the LeapMoton sensor and share it via OSC protocol to other apps.